Formula 1 and the Social Media

When it comes to making the most of social media to get its message across, the world’s most technologically advanced sport is near the back of the grid.

The 2015 Brazilian Grand Prix will not be remembered for being a captivating race, as the Mercedes pair drove off into the distance to fight between themselves while other drivers – Lewis Hamilton included – complained that they couldn’t overtake the cars in front.

It will, however, be remembered for one particular moment in qualifying courtesy of McLaren’s Fernando Alonso. Thanks to yet another engine failure, Alonso’s McLaren-Honda came to a smoky halt on track during the first qualifying period which forced the Spaniard to vacate the cockpit. Instead of hopping on a bike back to the pits, Alonso walked to the side of the circuit, pulled up one of the Marshalls deck chairs and relaxed his feet up on his helmet. (more…)